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The financial institutions directory provides a monthly updated list of financial services companies that have duly registered with or have lawfully obtained business authorization or approval from the FSC/FSS as required under the law. Please note that the directory excludes small credit cooperatives called agricultural, fishery, and forestry cooperatives and community credit cooperatives. A number of companies whose English name does not appear in our database are also excluded; these companies can still be searched by Korean.

Because financial services are a regulated business in Korea, the FSC/FSS advises investors to exercise extreme caution when dealing with companies that claim to be based or headquartered in Korea or licensed by the FSC/FSS, but whose name in English and Korean is not found in the directory.

Foreign regulators and supervisory authorities may write to intlsupport@fss.or.kr for verification of the registration or license status of financial services companies that are listed in the directory.

  • Acuon Capital애큐온캐피탈

  • Acuon Savings Bank애큐온저축은행

  • ADF Asset Management Co., Ltd.에이디에프자산운용㈜

  • Aegon USA Investment Management, LLC아혼 유에스에이 인베스트먼트 매니지먼트, 엘엘씨

    연락책임자 02-3703-1114
  • Aeon Investments Co., Ltd.이언투자자문 주식회사

  • Agricultural Asset Management Corporation농협자산관리회사

  • Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. Seoul Branch중국농업은행 서울지점

  • AHHA Asset Management Co., Ltd.아하에셋자산운용 주식회사

  • AI Partners Asset Managemnet Co. Ltd에이아이파트너스자산운용 주식회사

  • AIA Investment Management Private LimitedAIA 인베스트먼트 매니지먼트 프라이빗 리미티드

    연락책임자 : 02-3703-4767
  • AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd.AIA생명보험주식회사

  • AIG Korea Inc.에이아이지손해보험

  • AIM Inc.주식회사 에임

  • AION Asset Management Co. Ltd. 주식회사 아이온자산운용

  • AJ Safetypartners Co.,Ltd.에이제이세이프티파트너스 주식회사

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