Investor Alert List

The following is a continuing list of entities that are suspected of engaging in investment scams and fraud with internet websites containing fake contact addresses and phone numbers in Korea.

These are illegal sham operations that are NOT approved in any way by Korea¡¯s financial regulators to provide financial services or make investment offers in Korea. These entities, however, employ fake Korea office addresses and phone numbers on their internet websites to appear as legitimate, lawfully licensed financial service businesses to unsuspecting investors.

Investors therefore should exercise extreme caution when dealing with any person who claims to work for or represent an entity listed in the FSS Investor Alert. If possible, investors should immediately terminate all contact with such person and avoid all future contact as well. Investors outside Korea should also understand that none of the entities listed in the FSS Investor Alert is found to maintain a legal physical presence in Korea, meaning they operate out of the reach of Korea¡¯s law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Investors can reduce the risk of falling victim to common investment scams and fraud by doing their own due diligence of companies that claim to be lawfully licensed or operating in Korea. At a minimum, the due diligence should include checking the name of the company at the FSS Financial Institutions Directory, which appears on the FSS English homepage. Please write to to report an investment scam employing an office address or a phone number in Korea.

Asia Associates

HKGKFK International Limited

Mirai Life Securities

CW Holt Advisory

RJC Mitchell Consultants

Osaka Matsui Management

Okuras Global Capital

Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage

Hollis Kookmin Financial

Sanderson Consultants

GB Stone

CMC Gao Hua

Woori Bridgewater Brokerage

Standard Fidelity Ltd.


Value Management Inc

Robinson Franklin

Q Asia Pacific

Sierra Holdings

Premier Partners

Macintyre Schaffer

Fisher Capital Management

Shaw Capital Management

Strathclyde Associates

LML Global Managment Inc.

Trent Consultants

Carter Sinclair Ltd

Cambridge Consulting

Davis Mayer Group, Inc.

Richmond Capital Management

Stockbridge Consultants

Alwyn Management Group Ltd.

Warrick Management Group Ltd.

Goodwin Capital Management Limited