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The financial institutions directory provides a monthly updated list of financial services companies that have duly registered with or have lawfully obtained business authorization or approval from the FSC/FSS as required under the law. Please note that the directory excludes small credit cooperatives called agricultural, fishery, and forestry cooperatives and community credit cooperatives. A number of companies whose English name does not appear in our database are also excluded; these companies can still be searched by Korean.

Because financial services are a regulated business in Korea, the FSC/FSS advises investors to exercise extreme caution when dealing with companies that claim to be based or headquartered in Korea or licensed by the FSC/FSS, but whose name in English and Korean is not found in the directory.

Foreign regulators and supervisory authorities may write to intlsupport@fss.or.kr for verification of the registration or license status of financial services companies that are listed in the directory.

  • Zebra Asset Management제브라투자자문

  • ZENITAS Co., Ltd.제니타스인베스트먼트㈜

  • Zian Partners Co., Ltd.지안자산운용 주식회사

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