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The following is a list of the major financial service providers by the type of service they provide. Please note that this list is updated every month and does not include the names of all the financial service providers registered with the FSC / FSS.

If you wish to verify the name of a financial service provider not listed here, you can either contact the FSS International Cooperation Department(Tel: 82-2-3145-7894, Fax:82-2-3145-7899, e-mail: or look it up by going to the FSS Korean website(

Registered Financial Institutions
NO Name Website Phone
772 HI Investment & Securities 02-318-9111
771 meritzcapital null
770 华ڱη 02-3774-8259
769 3i Debt Management Investments Limited null
768 A&D Credit Information 02-3705-7777
767 ACE American Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Korea Branch 02-2127-2400
766 ACE Life Insurance Company Ltd. 02-2107-4600
765 AIA International Limited, Korea Branch 02-3707-4800
764 AIG Korea Inc. 02-2260-6800
763 AIG United Guaranty 02-6322-6300
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